Saturday, October 20, 2012

Completed Hometown Ornaments

I finally finished my 2 ornaments that had been completed for weeks but I just couldn't find the time to finish them.  Life has been crazy for this old music teacher.  We are going through accreditation at my school and I am a committee chair and so I have had lots of meetings and extra work to do besides teach.  So life gets a little hectic sometime.
I used Daffycat's (Sharon Bennett) little Ribbon Reindeer pattern and Lindy Jane Designs, an Oklahoma Christmas pattern,  I used opalescent fabric and the suggested threads.  I finished them with beats around the edge and a fabric hanger from the fabric on the backs of the ornaments.  I really enjoyed making these two ornaments.  One is filled with some crushed walnuts shells and crushed lavender from my flower bed. The other is just flat, not filled.
I want to work on my finishing skills with projects for me but there never seems to be the time. 

I have started a Becky Boo's Christmas angel with the hanging ornaments.  I have done Halloween and July 4th.  I would also like to do her Easter project.  Do a few stitched everyday and they will get done. :)


Becky K in OK said...

Very nice. I like the fabric hangers. Now you can breathe for a few minutes!

Daffycat said...

Oh, my little reindeer looks so good on sparkly fabric! Great finishes!