Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Robin Eggs Have Hatched

A few weeks ago I realized that there was a bird nest in my hanging pocket wreath.  There were four beautiful blue robin eggs.  Then last week I realized there were robins in the nest.  I counted three and they are getting big.  Last year we had a nest on our wreath but it wasn't a robin.  We have had such cold weather for April and May that I was afraid something would happen to them.  I get up at 4a.m. to have my morning coffee, read the paper, and get ready for school  I have an hours commute so I leave by 6:30a.m.  Each morning I open the door the mother robin flies away in a flutter and I jump a foot.  You would think after a couple of times I wouldn't be startled but alas no.

Nature is always interesting and our feathered friends grow so fast and are on their own in no time.

I'm sneezing and snorting because I mowed the lawn this evening.  It is good stress relief from the final days of the school year.  We are all ready for a break from one another.  I plan to bake, stitch, and enjoy time with my sweet husband.  He just bought me a new Kitchen Aid 7 1/2 quart mixer to make my wonderful chocolate chip cookies and what ever else I want to whip up.  Cooks need the right equipment! :)  Enjoy the rest of your evening!!!!!!