Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lovely Pillow Received

I received a darling pillow from Ruth in Ireland. It is a Barbara Ana design which is very similar to LK designs. I just love it. It looks so happy and cheery. It was great being her partner.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pictures of My Seasonal Exchange

While I had the time I wanted to share these pictures with my blogging friends. It had been several years since I made a little pillow with a ruffle. I was a little rusty.

This pattern is called "Home Tweet Home" and it is designed by Cindy of Stitchworks for her Fun and Fiber monthly class. I received it in June 1998, just a few years in my stash but I thought it was perfect for spring. It is stitched on 19 ct. light blue cork with #5 Pearl cotton, and special threads. It is an oldy but a goldy. Glad I finally finished it. I have a few more not completed yet. Maybe that will be my summer goal. They make perfect little pillows.

Sharlene Received Her LK Exchange

Sharlene received her exchange and I received my exchange from her. I laughed when I saw that mine was from her. That is neat. I will post pics later of my Seasonal Exchange that is in the mail.

Happy Mother's Day to my stitching friends. Peace and Blessings!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My LK Arrived and Other Stuff

My LK arrived in the mail yesterday from Sharlene. I hung it on my Easter tree in our hall way and it looks like it was made for it. I love those flowers and I liked the glitzy rick rack that Sharlene chose to put around it.

I got my Seasonal Exchange in the mail and it has a ways to go but hopefully it will arrive soon.

These next two weeks are killers. We have special masses on the next two Fridays and I am in charge of the music and playing for it because our 8th grader that has been helping will be gone.:-( So it is lead this and sit down and play this, etc. Our spring musical is on Monday, the 16th and we have rehearsals all week. Then we have 8th grade graduation and I play for that, which it is always nerve racking for me. Tonight is a bingo fund raiser at the school so I will be there selling necklaces to the attendees. It is always fun just noisy. The school is going to a baseball game and then we have fun day which is only fun for the children if you get my drift. Then I leave on the 30th for England with 40 children and parents. We will be gone 9 days. I'll take a before and an after picture to post. We should have lots of fun and the kids are really getting excited.

I'm including some pics of the babies. They are really so cute and such messes. For some reason they all decided to get in one crate which is very unusual. I had a basket sitting on the floor and old Mr. Buddy crawled in it and took a nap. His favorite thing to do is get on a rug and scratch it all around and get it just right and then lay on the floor.

Our resident rock hound, Miss Molly, threw up next to our bed 6 rocks that were in her belly. She chose Gary's side. :) We have to walk behind her in our fenced in back yard and watch and yell and she will drop them before she swallows them. Some of the rocks were at least 1 1/2 " in diameter. Mr. Marty just howls. He was our alarm clock this morning. Are our pups in charge? You betcha!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LK Spring

I did a Flora McSample by LK for my spring round. It was just too cute and I couldn't leave any of it out. I finished it in time and then my sewing machine broke and I had to get a new one because it was going to cost approximately $1000 to replace two computer boards and it was just too old. So I finally got the new machine and voila` I finished it last night and mailed it today. I decided on a little long pillow that is filled with crushed walnut shells. It is stitched on 28 ct. mint green cashel linen. I used the threads that were suggested with the pattern. It was really fun to do and I think I will make one for my daughter-in-law that also does counted cross stitch. Here are a couple of pictures that really don't do it justice.