Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kathy Sent a Lovely Pyn Keepe

Kathy and Rory too sent me a beautiful pyn keepe. It is one of the Little House Monthly Patterns and she changed November to Autumn. The colors stand out and it really catches your eye. I like the plaid that she chose to finish the back. It will be exhibited with pride and pleasure. Thank you Kathy.

I am working on my LK Exchange that is to be mailed September 23rd. Gary participated in a bazaar with his turned wood designs. I worked the whole time on my exchange and when I got home I had to rip the entire section that I had done during the day. GRRRRR!!!!!!! I have now put it in a second time and it is correct and I feel good about it. I want to finish it this week and get it in the mail by next Monday.

School is going great. I am very busy but I love what I am doing. If any of you would like to see my teaching blog, go to: and click on teacher corner. Then click on music and you can see little videos of the children singing and playing hand chimes.

Am working on curtains for my bathroom. I made a panel last week and thought it was enough but decided I needed another panel. Alas, not enough fabric to be as long as the first panel. So I'm cutting off the first panel to match the second panel. By the time I get through they will be 2 inches long. :We are enjoying beautiful weather. They say we will have 2 hot days next week and then it will be in the 60's and 70's. Can't wait. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember those lost and remaining from 9-11. Let there be peace on earth.

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Jules said...

I love that plaid backing fabric chosen for the pyn keepe!