Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Quaker Exchange

I tried something new this time. I made my first biscornu. It is call My Quaker Garden. It is a Carolina House Design. I used antique buttons on itI thoroughly enjoyed working on it and I liked it because it has to be perfectly stitched. There can be no bobbles. I filled it with fiberfill but I am going to make one and fill it with crushed walnut shells. I just want to try something new.

Life is wild at school. We are in the midst of preparing for our spring musical. We are doing another Psalty, "Heart to Change The World". It is the best one ever and the cast is just remarkable. They are doing a fantastic job and the music is very difficult. I am so proud of them.

Saturday I took 7 children to Circle The State With Song. They learn their part and then they meet with several school which includes about 150 children. They rehearse all day with a guest conductor and then present a concert that afternoon for their parents and friends. They did a fabulous job. They make my heart sing.

Enjoy your week as we prepare for Easter and celebrate "Our Risen Lord"


Gillie said...

Beautiful biscornu! I went to Rome as a teenager and loved it.

Gabi said...

Your biscornu is just gorgeous.
Good luck with the spring musical :)