Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday and I am so happy to be alive, in good health, and enjoying my life.  My sweet Gary arranged a nice get together with several of my friends and completely suprised me.  That was icing on the cake!!!!  I finished my Becky Boo's "Bringing American Spirit" and I framed it but am not hanging it up.  I displayed it on a table in our entry way.  Now to start working on my Christmas picture from her collection.
My friend in Idabel sent me a charming card that she had done.  Her stitching is perfect in my book.  She used colors that I love.  It is from Plum Street Samplers "Boris".
I completed a Bent Creek kit that I have had in my possession many moons.  I also stitched a Secret Needle kit for September.  I will make it into a pillow.

Used beeds instead of colonial knots.
It gave it some pizzazz!

I love cards because you save them and display them every year.

It is fun to do big count every once in a while.
I have enjoyed my time at home and getting to stitch, oh so much for me.
I will post photos of my Perpetual Christmas Ornament I made for HoE as soon as my partner receives it.  It has been 2 weeks since I mailed it so it should be arriving soon.

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Cole said...

Lovely finishes Lynn! And Happy Birthday!!