Monday, April 19, 2010

And The Winner Is...............

Yippee! We have a winner for my Tax Day Drawing. We paid some and we got some back. The refund was bigger than the paying so it worked out just fine.
Carissa is our winner. We will be mailing the package to you in the next couple of days. Congratulations. Here are Molly and Marty sticking their heads in the basket to draw a name. I must confess, there were 2 doggie treats in the basket and Molly got both of them.
I want to thank all of you that read my blog and entered your name. This has been so much fun that I am going to do another one very soon. It will not be as big but it will be worth your time and effort to comment on the blog.
We have been busy at our house. My husband is putting up soffit around our home. While he was working last week he was cleaning out and pulled a big snake on top of his head. Fortunately he had a hat on but he was standing on a ladder. He doesn't know how he stayed on it during that exciting adventure. We are preparing to completely gut my bathroom and put in everything new. I picked out the tile and I have my sink that was hand painted with all kinds of flowers. When we are finished I will take pictures and share with you.
My spring musical was a huge success and I am glad it is over. Of course today we are already planning for next year. When you teach it never stops. I am thankful I have this opportunity to work with children. I truly enjoy it and feel like it is my ministry.
I am almost finished with my LK exchange and I'm working on my Seasonal Exchange. There are not enough hours in the day. Until next time.


Jules said...

Congrats Carissa!

How neat to have your pets draw the name. Very cool!

kmaurer said...

That's the GREATEST way to choose a name!

Daffycat said...

Goodness, my DH would have had a heart attack pulling out a snake like that!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky your DH didn't get hurt. Congrats the winner of your fun giveaway! I am so envious about your new bathroom. The sink sounds pretty and it will be great to see how it. came out.

Pilar said...

Congrats Carissa!