Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lenna received her birthday exchange

Lenna received her birthday exchange so I will post a picture. I am new to these exchanges and I forgot to take a picture of the extras I sent her, but she posted them on her blog.

This has been a crazy week and tomorrow is Friday. I'm ready. With rain always peeking through the clouds the children have been wild. Then it would rain and they had to stay in during recess. Then the teachers went wild. I will be moving to my new room and I cannot wait. I have taught for 3 years in our parish hall with a closet for all of my musical instruments and all of my teaching supplies. I will not know what to do!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend. We are supposed to have rain.


Becky K in OK said...

Um, great finish! Who was your teacher? HeHe! I love that little design. Stay dry.

Daffycat said...

What a lovely pinkeep! Beautiful finishing.

Rain, rain and more rain.***sigh*** At least they finally have my gutters up!

Susan said...

I love your blog and your upbeat comments...I too, wonder how you do it all....but since you can do it all ...Someday will you make a pin keep for me??? I love the name and even though I have no pins to keep ... who knows I may someday. I will put your pin keep in my keeping room.
Can you send a picture of Gary's handcrafted wooden item for the pet auction or bring it and I will take a picture?
Love you and see you tomorrow...

Susan said...

I guess I need a fancy name..