Sunday, March 25, 2012

Look! New Neighbors

I had put up a little wreath next to our front door.  I just knew it was too small for the birds to build a nest.  Was I ever wrong.  It has a little bird house on it and they just built their nest on top of the bird house.  Now mind you we have a bird house hanging ready for occupancy but no, they preferred the wreath.  So I stood on a stool that was really not high enough and took pictures.  Every time I open the front door they fly off and it startles me.  I know it is going to happen but I jump anyway.

I started stitching JBW Designs "A Very Merry Spring" yesterday and finished it this morning.  I am afraid my thread is too light for the fabric so I will stitch another one using darker thread.  I used Sulky 12 wt. blendable cotton thread. It is a pink and green blend, very pretty, just too light.  Oh well, it is what it is. :)

Thank you for stopping by.  Jump into school routine tomorrow.  Oh I hear the alarm now.  Peace to all.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Received a Fat Snowman

I received a LK Fat Snowman from Brenda in the mail today.  He is darling and I love him.  She sent extras and I love those also.  I can always use note cards, post its, and list pads.  The pad will go perfectly with my refrigerator which is black and stainless.  I'm on my way to the post office and walking with my friend.  Here is a pic and enjoy your day.  The sun is shining and the birds are singing and the pups have been out and done their duty and are napping for the morning.  What more could you want?  :)


Friday, March 23, 2012

Prairie Schooler Santa

I finished my Prairie Schooler Santa for an exchange and I will be able to mail it tomorrow.  I loved making it.  It is the 1996 Santa and I used the suggested DMC colors for it.  I stitched it on 28 ct opalescent linen,  so it has a little sparkle to it.  I used ribbon with wire for the hanger and it is anchored to the ornament with antique white buttons from my grandmother's stash.  I finished the ornament by hand stitching and putting red and white beads at the top and bottom.  I am enclosing a little extra gift for my partner.  It is a hand turned needle threader made by my sweet DH.
Now back to my Becky Boos patriotic pattern on big count fabric.  I will start another small exchange piece tomorrow.  I have been stitching to the HBO series, "The Tudors".  It wasn't good to be the wife of Henry VIII.  Off with your head!!!!!  I also have been stitching with March Madness.  When I can take it no longer I put in my ear buds and listen to a book on CD. :) 
I have thoroughly enjoyed my spring break.  I cleaned house., I organized my threads, checked on my stash and of course I found things I had forgotten I owned.  I started a new file for patterns so I am trying very hard to be organized.  I am ready to go back and teach and work with the kids.  I do enjoy them.  May God Bless You and Keep You All of the Days of Your Lives.

Monday, March 19, 2012

HoE Santa Arrived From The Netherlands

My Santa finally made it to Oklahoma.  I had almost given up.  It is so sweet and I love it.  She did not include the designer ,etc.  She told me Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine's Day.  So he is worth 2 holidays.
I have been a stitching fool.  If you do not do anything else but stitch you can really get some work done on projects. March Madness is on at our house.  We have not missed one game I can assure you so I listened to books on tape with my ear buds and dh is happy and so am I.
I have been cooking using the Pioneer Woman's recipes.  YUMMY!!! I reduced some of the butter, etc. and they have been very good.  I made a pasta dish last night using shrimp and scallops.  I bought fresh basil and you put that on the top after it is baked.  It was really good and is a keeper for us. 
Got to get ready for water aerobics and our huge rain storm that is rapidly approaching.  Greetings to all and may your day be filled with peace and happiness.

Friday, March 2, 2012

It is a Fabulous Friday

I made it through the week fairly sane I think.:)  We had 4 girls stay with the Fine Arts Building teachers this afternoon which was a part of our big fund raiser we had in February.  We had pizza, veggies, chips and dip, and fresh fruit.  The girls munched and we watched a movie.  Then we had a rousing game of Twister.  I think the girls had fun.  I worked on my room while they watched the movie and I got a lot accomplished.  I am really trying to downsize but not throw something valuable away.  We are getting a new building and I will have to box everything up and move it this summer so they can tear down our old building and put a new one in its place.

Mass went well today and both 3rd grades shared in music and dance before and after Mass.  They did a great job  I enjoy working with them.  I was supposed to be gone next week but the principal of the school we were to visit has had to go on medical leave.  So we will have to reschedule.

Lorna received her LK exchange so for now all of my exchanges have been delivered.  That always makes me feel good.  I stitched Winter-ize from the Boxer Jr. series.  I used the suggested threads and it was stitched on 25 ct.flax Dublin linen.  It was stitched quickly and I enjoyed finishing it as a pillow filled with crushed walnut shells.  I just like how they feel.

It's late and I'm tired so I will sign off for this day.  May God fill your hearts with joy and may your lives be filled with many blessings.