Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Box from Laura

I received my LK Exchange today from Laura. It is so cute and the colors in the box and the colors that Laura used match perfectly. She used the LK pattern, "Life is a Beach". I have not had a box for an exchange so this was exciting. She dyed the linen with tea and used DMC threads. Laura put a little pillow lining in the bottom of the box. I think it will go well with by bathroom colors and I will use it for some of my jewelry. Thank you so much Laura. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My LK Exchange is Finished

My LK Exchange is finished and will be in the mail tomorrow morning. This was truly a "senior moment". I got my dates mixed up on 2 exchanges and really had to hustle to finish my LK close to mailing date.

I chose to do part of the "Autumn Sampler" as a stuffed little pillow. I used fabric in my stash and then finished it with fabric from a little quilting shop called "Grannie Annie's" located in Beggs, OK. She carries delightful fabrics. I used the Sampler Threads that were suggested.

It should not take long at all for the pillow to reach its destination.

School is still very busy and I am always grading papers or doing lesson plans. Those are two things I can always count on.

I have a date with my sweetie this evening so I had better get ready.
May your hearts be filled with joy and walk in Peace.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kathy Sent a Lovely Pyn Keepe

Kathy and Rory too sent me a beautiful pyn keepe. It is one of the Little House Monthly Patterns and she changed November to Autumn. The colors stand out and it really catches your eye. I like the plaid that she chose to finish the back. It will be exhibited with pride and pleasure. Thank you Kathy.

I am working on my LK Exchange that is to be mailed September 23rd. Gary participated in a bazaar with his turned wood designs. I worked the whole time on my exchange and when I got home I had to rip the entire section that I had done during the day. GRRRRR!!!!!!! I have now put it in a second time and it is correct and I feel good about it. I want to finish it this week and get it in the mail by next Monday.

School is going great. I am very busy but I love what I am doing. If any of you would like to see my teaching blog, go to: and click on teacher corner. Then click on music and you can see little videos of the children singing and playing hand chimes.

Am working on curtains for my bathroom. I made a panel last week and thought it was enough but decided I needed another panel. Alas, not enough fabric to be as long as the first panel. So I'm cutting off the first panel to match the second panel. By the time I get through they will be 2 inches long. :We are enjoying beautiful weather. They say we will have 2 hot days next week and then it will be in the 60's and 70's. Can't wait. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember those lost and remaining from 9-11. Let there be peace on earth.