Monday, February 7, 2011

HoE Received From Ellen S.

I received this darling Reindeer Ornament in the mail today. What a pleasant surprise. He is a Pine Mountain Design and he has the cutest little red button for his nose. It is a cute finish.

Today three of my grandchildren went to school with me because their grandmother is very ill in the hospital and their Mom is staying with her and their Dad works on the weekends. We had a foot of snow and that tends to drive all of us bonkers. We did build a snowman and had lots of fun but they were ready to come in change into warm pj's that Granddad had just taken out of the dryer and have some "tickle tea". We played games, watched videos and Nana was busy making them blankets. They loved our school and wanted to go back tomorrow but they needed to go home and go to their school. Our children at All Saints were so good to them and made them feel welcome. But we are all tired tonight. :)

Thank you for stopping by. Need to get ready to watch Harry's Law. It is a new favorite of ours.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It Is On Its Way and Look at My Pretty Valentine

This is my seasonal exchange piece that was mailed yesterday.It should take it about a week to get there if it doesn't get caught in another snow storm which delayed my mailing it on time. I used a Sampler Girl pattern that I felt was appropriate for this kind of weather we have been having. I added a little heart shaped button to give it a Valentine flavor also. I used DMC 355 which I love the color. I don't know what fabric I used as it was in my stash. I added three different colors of beads to put a finish on the edge. I filled it with my crushed walnut shells which I really like to use. I hope it finds a happy home soon.

Our postal person brought me this darling Valentine from Diane of Indiana. I do not have a black finish and it looks perfect among my Valentine decorations. I love the colors she used and I will enjoy this for many years to come.
We have school tomorrow and that is good since we only had one day last week. We are due some more snow so we need to go while we can. We Okies are not used to this much at one time. :)
Now I need to finish my HoE reindeer. I will leave for Rome on the 17th of Feb., so I am getting nervous and excited. I am preparing to be a tour leader on our school trip this summer to England. I will try to post once a week even if it is just chit-chatting. I usually don't go this long and I want you to read my blog. So please come visit and leave a comment or two. The word of the week is Brrrrrrrrr.............