Monday, November 3, 2008

Been Busy but nothing to show.

I am stitching on Becky Boo's Halloween Chart. Yes, I know, Halloween is past but I want to get it finished. I never thought I would finish the purple on the witch. Now I am working on her hair. I think I will make a pillow. I have some new Halloweeny fabric that I am just itching to use.

I am really enjoying blogging and I hope to have more pictures very very soon. My sweet husband has been doing a lot of the driving when we go on the road so I can stitch. I commute 2 hours each day and I if I could only put the car on auto pilot, I would have it made in the shade. I have a little light that I wear on my head and it shines down on my work. That helps with the time change.

I want to start on some Christmas ornaments so after school today I must get my things together and get started. Enjoy your day and fill your mind with good thoughts. Peace and Love!